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Online poker is a game that combines the fun and excitement of playing poker with the convenience of sitting at home. It can be played on laptops, desktops, and even smartphones. Poker websites offer tournaments and cash games that can be played for a variety of stakes. They also offer satellite entries into live events. If you’re a casual player, online poker can save you time and money.

One of the biggest attractions of online poker is the ability to play dozens of games at once. This makes it easy to double your profit. Also, it’s not particularly taxing on your computer’s memory. That’s especially handy if you’re on the road.

In addition to the many games, most sites allow players to participate in freerolls. These tournaments are completely free to enter and have small prize pools. Aside from being a fun and educational way to practice your game, the freerolls are a great way to earn a little extra cash.

Among the various types of online poker, one of the most popular is the No Limit Texas Hold’em. Most high prestige tournaments around the world use this game. You might not get to win a World Series of Poker Main Event, but you can have a seat at a big tournament that you’d never be able to afford otherwise.

The newest version of the WSOP, the World Series of Online Poker, will debut on March 7, 2012. In the meantime, you can play for real money at numerous poker sites. Many have “beginner” tables that make the game accessible to first-timers. Other websites have a quick start option, which allows you to quickly sign in and select the game, the amount of players, and the stakes you want to play.

Another thing to keep in mind is that not all online poker sites accept U.S. dollars. Some require a conversion fee before you can deposit and play. Luckily, most US sites have a number of deposit methods including bank transfers, e-checks, and third party eWallets.

As far as the best rated poker sites go, PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker are among the top notch. However, if you’re looking for more local options, smaller regional sites might be the way to go. Although they may be smaller, they tend to have more of a community feel and you can bet that they are more fun.

For those who are looking for the real cash, you can download a variety of apps for your smartphone or tablet. In fact, there are even poker apps for Android devices. There are also mobile versions of the WSOP and other reputable online poker sites.

In the world of poker, the best way to play a hand is to not overdo it. Jumping in and out of the same table is not a good strategy. Practice makes perfect. And in the case of poker, practicing is the best way to improve your skills. To avoid being trolled or cheated, you should play under a different username.